Advancing Opportunity

Through Community College-Nonprofit Partnerships

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Improving access for low-wage workers

Millions of low-wage workers are struggling to gain a foothold in today’s challenging economy. Understanding these challenges, many community colleges and nonprofit organizations are partnering to improve access to supports, skills, and good jobs.

C2E Partnership Strengths

Courses to Employment (C2E) partnerships combine the strengths of community colleges and local workforce nonprofits to focus on nontraditional students, typically low-income, working adults, in the following ways:

  • Targeting a specific industry or occupation

  • Supporting workers in improving their skills

  • Supporting students in pursuing an education

  • Providing services that help students find and retain better jobs

Since 2006

AspenWSI has conducted research on Courses to Employment (C2E) partnerships—collaborations between community colleges and nonprofits. In 2013, AspenWSI fielded a survey to better understand how C2E partnerships work nationwide.

Success stories

Courses to Employment (C2E) partnerships have helped many struggling low-wage workers. Here are their stories.

Our data suggests C2E Partnerships doubled from 2008 - 2013

C2E Partnership growth

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